About Us

The Middle-East Canon of Medicine (a.k.a MEC Medicine) is a disruptive innovation venture, which is launching its generation 1st cloud-based, chronic disease management platform (CB-CDM) to enhance diabetes patients’ quality of life, and better control their disease and complications originating from the condition. We aim to combine a novel predictive and diagnostic AI algorithm along with a customisable nutrition plan with two types of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device; real-time CGM, and Flash CGM to create immense value propositions meeting real and everyday requirements of diabetes patients.


real-time glucose monitoring service for clients performed by our well-trained and alert staff to keep track of changes in blood glucose level of customers in association with finding correlations among their glucose levels, daily activities, diets, and accurately manage both hypo- & hyperglycemia events. Providing our subscribers with online consultations held by our approved GPs and consultants.


MEC Medicine keeps its clients supplied with state-of-the-art CGM devices in the market to make sure that the quality of its bundled services for diabetes management platform stays as high as possible.

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